KURT Weiser, Owner and Personal Trainer
Born and raised in New Orleans, Kurt has always shown a great interest in exercise and has played sports most of his life. After earning an undergraduate degree in psychology, he went on to receive a master of business degree from the University of New Orleans. From there, Kurt began personally training clients and after a couple of years, he opened his first gym in 2007. Fast forward to 2017, Kurt has built a long list of loyal clients that have made his dream of owning a full-service fitness center a reality. When he’s not in the gym, you can find Kurt spending time outdoors with his loving wife, Angelique, their three children, and many pets! Kurt loves seeing his clients grow and transform their bodies—and to be there for them, always pushing them to be a better, healthier version of themselves.

MATT Story, Personal Trainer
Originally from Baton Rouge, Matt has been an active member of the fitness community for just over a decade. As an ISSA Certified Personal Trainer, and Fitness Therapist, Matt strives to educate his clients on the importance of unilateral strength, core strength, and balance in the lower extremities. In addition to one-on-one training, he also leads group exercise classes in TRX Suspension Training and the boot camp inspired ‘Sunrise Circuit.’ When not on the gym floor, you can find Matt on the stage or in front of the camera as he continues to pursue a career in the arts as a professional actor. Matt holds a BA in Theatre Performance from Louisiana State University and is a proud member of SAG-AFTRA. He is also an Equity Membership Candidate through the Actors Equity Association.

FRANK Trapani, Personal Trainer
Frank has been interested in health and fitness since he was a child. Growing up with a gym-owning father, he started lifting weights at a young age, which led him to power lifting, boxing, and bodybuilding competitions. He holds a certification from Expert Rating Online and finished the IRONMAN Wisconsin in 2017. Frank’s personal training technique focuses on circuit training, but he also trains for sport specifics, weight loss, speed and conditioning, and overall health and diet coaching.

LACY Shields, Personal Trainer
Lacy prides herself on helping her clients reach their goals by creating an efficient and smart program tailored to them. Fitness is such a huge part of our everyday life, from health to confidence to self-respect. She wants her clients to find a fitness baseline, by specializing in core fundamentals, strength & circuit training, interval training, pilates, stretching, and flexibility. Lacy received a holds a BA from the University of North Texas and has the following certifications: AFAA Personal Training Certification, Group Exercise Certification, Mat Pilates Certification, CPR Certification.

ELLY Lane, Class Instructor
Elly is first and foremost a mom to three daughters. Like Elly, they all have developed the love of physical well being through sports, as well as her husband – a true family fitness affair. After taking Salvation Fitness classes for several years with great results, Elly became one of our spin instructors and has been teaching for ten years now. She cross trains with weights, swimming and running. An avid marathon runner, Elly has sucessfully completed 11 marathons, including the esteemed Boston Marathon. Another project close to Elly’s heart is the non-profit organization, Youth Run Nola, an after school mentoring program whose mission is to empower inner city youth through running

EMILY Whelan, Class Instructor
Fitness has always be a part of Emily’s life, whether she was throwing a ball in the yard with her brothers or participating in team sports. Emily learned the importance of strength training at a young age through her training regimen for high school basketball. Emily’s positive association with it kept her in the gym throughout college and ultimately landed her at Salvation, where she started teaching Body Pump in 2007. That led to certifications in Spinning, Zumba and Cx Works. Now, as a mother of two, she has seen how important a consistent exercise routine is both during and after pregnancy (keeping up with those kids is a workout in itself!) . She says she loves how motivating group classes are and is always eager to share new exercises and choreography with Salvation Fitness members!

JESSICA Wormser, Class Instructor
Jessica, a New Orleans native, is a clinical therapist at a local charter school. Motivating change in individuals is her philosophy, both professionally and on the bike. Pushing yourself to be stronger is the basis for becoming the best rider you can be. Resistance up! Jessica is a Mad Dogg Certified Spinning instructor.

CHRISTINE Reitano, Class Instructor
Christine was born in Rochester, NY and lived in the Northeast before moving to New Orleans to attend law school. Christine, who grew up cycling in the mountainous terrain of upstate NY, is an avid runner. She was certified as a spin instructor in 2008 by Mad Dogg Athletics, Inc. and has been a spin instructor at Salvation Fitness ever since. She holds a BA from the University of Pennsylvania and a JD from Tulane University. Christine specializes in complex litigation and administrative law. When she isn’t practicing law, she is doing yoga, attending a spin class or jogging in Audubon park. Christine enjoys spending time with her three sons, walking their family dog, gardening, cooking, reading, seeing live music, and traveling with family and friends.

GREG Romig, Class Instructor
Born and bred in New Orleans, has been active at Salvation Fitness since 2003 with a consistent strength-training schedule.  In 2007, after his wife was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer, Greg became more focused in the gym with a desire to show his wife and three children strength during crisis. Greg expanded his training by regularly taking Spinning classes and, with inspiration from Salvation Fitness Spin instructors, became certified to teach by Mad Dogg Athletics, Inc. in 2011. Greg presents a fast paced class with many splashes of strength mixed in. He wants his riders to find a balance of inner peace and physical awareness while riding with attitude and a little bit of groove. Greg is a constant reminder of the positive physical and mental changes that occur by being a part of the Spinning program at Salvation Fitness.  As a result of his role modeling and personal commitment, you can regularly find his wife and three children attending classes and working out together at Salvation.

HEATHER Farb, Class Instructor

Heather is originally from Chicago but has acclimated to the New Orleans weather since completing her undergraduate and Master of Public Health degrees from Tulane University. After her dad was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, Heather began fundraising to find a cure. In 2011, she completed her first Bike MS ride and started participating in the Spinning Program… quickly developing a passion for both. Heather has completed six Bike MS rides and once rode 185 miles, her longest distance yet. She is always up for a challenge and searching for creative ways to fundraise for good causes. She has participated in the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer, and recently shaved her head to raise money for childhood cancer research with the St. Baldrick’s Foundation. As a Certified Spin Instructor through Mad Dogg Athletics, Inc., Heather aims to have each of her riders push their own limits throughout her class and be proud of what they accomplish. In her free time, Heather enjoys teaching English as a Second Language, camping, hiking, and traveling.